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nanoXIM•FoodPaste is a synthetic nano-hydroxyapatite water based suspension ingredient suitable to be easily incorporated in food products such as dietary supplements, fortified drinks and chewing-gums.

The hydroxyapatite nanoparticles comprised in nanoXIM•FoodPaste form a perfectly aligned structure of nanocrystals identical to bone and enamel hydroxyapatite which enables bone fortification and enamel remineralization.





Enhancing bone health and strength

Promotion of enamel remineralization and reduction of dental hypersensitivity (chewing-gum)




Hydroxyapatite nanoparticles (< 50 nm)

High surface area

Low Relative Dentin Abrasivity (RDA < 10)

Synthetic material

Self-preserved product (Parabens Free)

Shelf life 3 years





   Technical Data Sheet


nanoXIM•FoodPaste comprises nano-hydroxyapatite particles with typical particle size below 50 nm in a rod-like shape (typically 30-40 nm length and 5-10 nm width). This product is an aqueous suspension of 15.5 wt% hydroxyapatite and 4.5 wt% potassium chloride.


Reference  Hydroxyapatite (wt%) cart
nanoXIM•FoodPaste 15.5±0.5 ADD



High Resolution TEM of
of nanoXIM•FoodPaste

Electron crystallography
image of nanoXIM•FoodPaste





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